4-Week Introduction to Meditation Course

with Olga Campora

Day: Wednesdays

Dates: March 6th through 27th, 2019 (3/6, 3/13, 3/20 and 3/27)

Time: 6-7:15 PM

Place: Ellicott City Wellness Center, 3691 Park Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043

In this modern world the importance of finding time to clear our minds of our daily activities is becoming more important as the levels of stress rise in our lives.

Meditation and Mindfulness are tools available for use by anyone requiring only a willingness and intent to practice. The four week meditation course is suitable for all levels, whether you are new to meditation or are already incorporating meditation into your daily life and just wanting to expand your techniques. There is no one style of meditation that is ‘best’ or fits all.

Each class will start with 25 min gentle spine awakening yoga practice- to prepare you for meditation.

Week 1: We will be focusing on the benefits both physically and mentally such as how our meditation practice and mindful relationship with our breath can affect our central nervous system. We will introduce short meditations and sensory exploration helping us to practice presence.

Week 2: We will find us exploring different techniques with attention to the breath to quiet the mind and relax the body.

Week 3:  Visualization, music and the use of sound will be the focus of week three helping us to focus the mind.

Week 4: We will be re-capping all we have learn in our four weeks together, coming back to some of our techniques and having some fun…

Cost $160.


(The offer expires on Monday, February 25th!)

Single Class: $45 (only if space available)

Payment: cash/check/PayPal

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