Beginner Yoga

This class is suitable for beginning students to introduce them to the fundamentals of alignment and breath work. Primary poses and yoga basics will be taught, including the use of props. Emphasis will be on the standing poses, stretching and strengthening the legs, back and shoulders. 

Gentle and Restorative Yoga

Slow paced and gentle, this class encourages stress release and letting go. Props (blankets, blocks, belts, and chairs) are used so that muscles can soften and tensions unwind. Postures and stretches are held for extended time to allow your energy to settle and balance. All body systems are rested, soothed and refreshed.  All levels of fitness are welcome.


In this class you will go deeper into poses, holding them longer.  Revolved standing poses, deepening twists and preparations for backbends and arm balances will be introduced. Pranayama (breath control) is introduced.