Yoga with Olga
One-On-One Yoga Studio

Office: 443-636-1243


Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday from 7am to 9pm

Saturday from 9am to 4pm

Sunday - Closed


Yoga with Olga

One-On-One Yoga Studio


Ellicott City Wellness Center

Suite #6 (One-on-One Yoga Studio)

3691 Park Ave

Ellicott City, MD 21043


Ellicott City Wellness Center is located in Historic Old Ellicott City. The facility is a two story building located just off Main Street two buildings away from the Circuit Court at 3691 Park Avenue, Ellicott City, MD 21043

From north or south on US 29, take US 40 east.
Travel about 1 mile and take a right at the traffic light at Rogers Ave.
Stay straight unto Court House Drive.  Follow the signs to the Circuit Court.  You will pass two apartment complexes on the right.  Pass a small parking lot on the right and then enter the large parking lot, also on the right.  This is the Circuit Court parking lot.  Park here, not on Park Ave.
3691 Park Avenue is the only red brick building at the far end of the lot.  

As you face the building from the parking lot the door on the left is the main entrance and there is a waiting room straight ahead. (FYI, the door on the right enters onto the 2nd floor; there is a community room for activities and group yoga classes).