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Yoga with Olga Corporate Rates
Olga offers a range of practices, from gentle and meditative to therapeutic or active. We can quickly determine the most appropriate offerings for your staff.
Class Duration: 55-minutes, can be modified to suit your needs.

One-time Event: $200 

6-Week Programs Per Class:
1x weekly- $150, 2x-weekly:  $125 per class

10-30 students – $150.00
Up to 40 Students- $200.00
More than 40 Students- Please call to discuss pricing.

It is beneficial to let your employees know what is available through a quarterly announcement e-mail to all employees. This e-mail can be sent by us or by you or included in your company newsletter or communications.

Choose what best suits your company's needs from a variety of program offerings.

•    Company-sponsored: company pays 100%
•    Co-pay: company and individual employees split the cost
•    Employee-sponsored: employees pay for their classes