Experienced Yoga Teacher

Reasons to Try Back Pain Therapy with an Experienced Yoga Teacher

Back pain is a common complaint among people and there are many reasons why this may be. With the digital age came along more work and socializing from a seat meaning that the muscles we need to support our back are not being worked as much. Many people find themselves in a rush and risk injury by not taking necessary safety steps. Even picking up little ones in the wrong way can cause pain and injury.

The reasons we experience back pain are endless, but back pain yoga therapy with an experienced yoga teacher can help minimize or eradicate the pain and help prevent any potential trouble. Yoga can help with back pain in many ways. First, it helps us learn to slow down and pay more attention to our bodies. Second, it helps to strengthen the back and other core muscles that support our bodies. The stretches also help to relieve any current tension in muscles that may be causing pain and discomfort. In truth, the ways in which back pain yoga therapy can help are as endless and as individual as the people who experience back pain.

Yoga can definitely be a solitary practice that you can do on your own, but an experienced yoga teacher can maximize your chances of pain relief. A yoga teacher not only knows the poses but also the different muscle and joint groupings and how they impact one another. When you come to see me, I learn about the issues you are facing and help you learn the poses and exercises that are best for your individual needs.

If you are experiencing any back pain, don’t wait! Book your free consultation with me today!