Are you ready to say goodbye once and for all to your chronic back pain?

Have you tried yoga to relieve back pain in the past but with less than 100% success?

Is there a missing piece in the puzzle and you're not sure what it is or where to find it?

Do you wish to gain better understanding about which yoga poses would serve your back condition perfectly, and which poses to completely avoid?

If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, you're in the right place!

Olga has been teaching yoga for 38 years and her passion is helping people with chronic back pain.

She is ready to share her teaching expertise for a broader audience, online, in 2021.

She will launch a signature online course called Freedom from Back Pain, where she will share her decades of yoga teaching experience on how to heal chronic back pain.

Before she launches her course to the worldwide public audience, she will be offering "a founding member pre-launch" of the Freedom from Back Pain (5-week online course) starting November 4th, 2020.

She will invite a limited group students to participate in this new course, and will offer it at a huge discount. In return, she will ask the course participants for feedback, and the members of the pre-launch course will have lifelong access to the course, once it's presented to the broader public. 

Olga is inviting you to join as a founding member of the Freedom From Back Pain (5-week course) for the lowest price that will ever be offered $150. As soon as the course will be completed, it will be formalized, and the price will be immediately raised.

Are you interested in becoming a founding member of the Freedom from Back Pain online course?

What are the benefits?

What will you receive as a founding member?

Here's what you get as a founding member of the course:

  1. Total of 8 live-ZOOM streaming yoga classes. 

(No problem if you cannot attend the live-streaming. You will be sent the recording link.)

  1. Keep ALL recorded videos of each week’s module

  2. Become a member of a private Facebook Freedom from Back Pain group (optional), so that you’ll have a supporting community.

  3. You can choose to have an accountability partner during the duration of the course to help you stay focused.

  4. Above all, as a founding member, you will have free full lifetime access to the signature course that is going to be launched in April 2021! All the new videos and additional material in the future signature course will be yours to use.

In return, Olga will ask you for honest feedback during and after the course so that together we can create a life-changing course for people to participate in anywhere in the world. 

If you are interested in this unique opportunity to be a co-creator of a transformational yoga program, this is your opportunity.