Life is hectic and schedules are impossible. Trying to squeeze a yoga class into your busy day ends up creating more stress in your life.

Your personalized, convenient private yoga instruction takes place at Olga's One-On-One yoga studio in Ellicott City, with a weekly appointment at the perfect time for you. 

Private One-On-One Yoga studio was founded by Olga Campora. PhD,  in 2005. Realizing the need for quality one-on-one yoga lessons amongst Maryland's busy professionals, Olga shifted focus from group classes and began specializing in private sessions with individuals and couples. Over the years she has worked with CEOs, doctors, lawyers, producers, psychotherapists, and so many more wonderful clients. She is pleased to create a space for professionals to restore physically and spiritually through yoga practice and return to their jobs, families, and personal lives feeling grounded, focused, and clear.


Olga's mission as a yoga teacher has been to help people feel better about themselves. Over the past 35 years of teaching yoga, I have found that the power to help other people, in whatever profession or role it might be, comes from our ability to live an honest and virtuous life which can inspire and motivate others to reach higher with honesty and integrity. No matter how difficult the yoga pose that I am teaching might be, I know that it is what people truly feel and experience in my presence that either ignites their desire to live a fulfilling life or not.  If I can use yoga as a tool to help someone come to realize life is worth living and that they can find their own personal meaning and purpose, I feel that my mission as a yoga teacher has been accomplished. 

     I particularly love the group experience and the incomparable energy of yoga classes and workshops, while at the same time I enjoy connecting individually with clients through private consultation.