One On One Yoga

Hatha Yoga and the Benefits of One on One Yoga Coaching

Yoga is becoming more well-known for its health benefits as the days go by, but it is by no means a new practice. In fact, yoga has been around for thousands of years, though it only made a big presence in the United States in the 1900s. Those who practice yoga have experienced improvements in their health, including- but not limited to- the following:

  • A reduction of stress

  • Relief or decrease of anxiety and depression

  • Better sleep

  • Relief from the symptoms of menopause and menstruation

  • The ability to balance daily life better

  • Relief of arthritis, neck and back pain, fibromyalgia

Those are just to name a few. What is important to note here is how each of the previously mentioned things has the propensity to affect several other areas of health and life. For instance, bad quality sleep can increase depression and anxiety, cause moodiness, hurt the immune system, and more- all of which can lead to additional issues. Good quality sleep, then, can improve all of those same areas and lead to even more benefits.

The most commonly known form of yoga in the U.S. is Hatha yoga. It is known as “gentle” yoga. Hatha yoga focuses on breathing and bringing the mind and body into alignment. When they are as one, those who practice the ancient art form tend to make healthier choices all around.

Though it is intended to be gentle, Hatha yoga is challenging. To experience the full set of benefits, it is important that you move into the poses correctly, and learn to breathe and refocus. This is where one on one yoga can be very beneficial. While learning yoga as a class has its benefits, one on one yoga allows your instructor to provide personalized coaching.

Here at Yoga with Olga, I specialize in one on one yoga. I enjoy taking the time to personalize my clients’ practice as well as helping them learn the proper form to get the most out of their practice and prevent any injury. If you are ready to experience the power of yoga in your life, book your consultation today.