Single Session (60-Minutes): $110


2 Sessions Package (60 min): $200 ($100 per session)

The two sessions package is offered to students who choose to take yoga sessions bi monthly.


4 Sessions Package (60 min): $360 ($90 per session)

The 4 sessions package is offered to students who choose to take 2 yoga sessions per week.

For tandem of 2: add $35 per single session.


YOGA2LIFE Coaching Session

~Once a Month Yoga Tune Up (90-Minutes): $160

The session is offered to those students who wish to come to study with Olga once a month in order to continually progress in their overall quality of life and a better understanding of many ancient yoga tools such as asana practice, breathing practice, meditation, nutrition, ethical precepts, etc.,) that can help you to live more joyfully, consciously, with less anxiety and negativity.  This is an excellent way to find new and yet not discovered pathways for an honest yoga student that are not possible to tap into in a regular yoga class  setting. At the end of YOGA2LIFE coaching session, you will have a clear idea of a specific hatha yoga practice/sequence, a meditation technique and a specific ethical principal that you will be encouraged to practice daily. The session will be tailored to a specific goal that you will choose to set for the entire month.


Purchasing Packages: If you choose to purchase a package, it has to be used within 5 weeks of the date of the purchase.  Of course, in case of any sickness, a date of expiration will be individually discussed  and most likely extended.


Cancellation Policy

If you do not show up for your scheduled yoga session, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.  For tandem or a group training: If one of person is unable to attend, even with 24 hour notice we either need to reschedule for another time all individuals can attend or the person who can not attend must forfeit that yoga session.









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"Olga is amazing. She is calm, focused, professional and kind. I could not have imagined a better teacher and coach. The stress relief in addition to the physical relief is more than expected. I recommend her without reservation". (Susan C.)

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