Why Setting Intention?

Intention--Latin intentio(n-) ‘stretching, purpose,’

  1. 1.

a thing intended; an aim or plan.

  1. 2.


the healing process of a wound.

I love the Latin root of the word INTENTION which means STRETCHING, PURPOSE. How insightful this can become to our yoga practice! Of course we stretch when we practice asana. However, the experience becomes transformational when we arrive at a point of our yoga journey, at a crossroad, where besides feeling taller, relaxed and centered after a class-- there is a new sense of longing of our heart to intelligently translate the yoga practice we have had on the mat to “off the mat”- to our lives. Simply, we become more curious to understand what to do that our yoga practice doesn’t evaporate within an hour after we have practiced but it lasts till we unroll the yoga mat again and again...

Why setting intention might change one's outlook to what yoga as a practice can offer while using the body as a vehicle to our mind? Doing yoga poses as mere stretches is a great endevoar and students especially beginners can experience almost immediately how stretching is connected to release tension or stress. However, it is when a teacher or a student places an inspired intention that takes a purely physical component of our practice to a new and unexpected level=it it starts molding our personality. The principles of alignment in yoga help us to place our body in asana (yoga pose) in a way that we experience more freedom, openness and joy in our body. In addition, if there is planted a well thought intention in the beginning of a practice, it can tap into our whole being and resonate with us one more subtle layers. We might discover newly obtained freedom how to understand present challenges we face in our lives and position ourselves to deal with them positively and courageously. Furtheremore, we gradually come to embrace a new reality that something that has been lately rather “uncomfortable”, “devastating” or great “weakness” can actually transform us and become our strength. Thus, the Latin meaning of Intention as "the healing process of a wound".

A well thought intention can open a door to feel less anxious, stressed and even depressed. I hope the next 12 intentions that you will read about can give you new hope, more purpose and inspiration on your yoga journey as a teacher and a student.

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