with Olga Campora, PhD, E-RYT 500

Signing up for the course, you will have 1 group lesson every week for 4 weeks, on Tuesdays 5:30-7:00PM, on January 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2020



  • People who do sedentary work (office work)

  • People who have low pain or the pain is intermittent

  • People who are in no pain at all but want to avoid having any in the future (prevention)

  • People whose work requires long hours on their feet (e.g. waitresses, sellers, hotel receptionists)

  • People who do heavy work (weight lifting, pulling or pushing an object, continuous vibrations, vibrations, intense bending, extension and turning)

  • Athletes who still have intense lower back pain, after following the treatment suggested by their doctor (weightlifting, gymnastics, wrestling, American football, diving)


Each yoga lesson includes stabilization, flexibility, strengthening, isotonic and isometric yoga exercises for the back, torso, legs, arms, and abdomen as well as restorative poses. You will leave each lesson with a print out of specific yoga routines with instructions to know exactly what to practice between each class of the 4-week program.




  • Reduce your lower back pain through regular exercise of all related body muscles

  • Strengthen your body muscles through empowerment exercises

  • Increase your flexibility and elasticity through the stretching exercises

  • Strengthen the deep muscles of the spine through the stabilization exercises

  • Take care of your spine and keep it healthy in your everyday life by avoiding unnecessary injuries


WHEN: Tuesdays, JANUARY 7, 14, 21, 28 2020

TIME: 5:30-7:00 PM

PLACE: Ellicott City Wellness Center, 3691 Park Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043

COST: $290


Note: To get the benefit of the early bird special, you need to sign up for the entire 4-week course.

(This offer expires on December 7th, 2019.)

Questions? Call 443-636-1243 or email: ONEONONEYOGASTUDIO@GMAIL.COM


"Olga is amazing. She is calm, focused, professional and kind. I could not have imagined a better teacher and coach. The stress relief in addition to the physical relief is more than expected. I recommend her without reservation". (Susan)

I scheduled private sessions with Olga for my low back and sciatica pain. Olga is extremely knowledgeable of the anatomy and geared my private sessions to specifically address the areas causing my pain. Olga provided me with stretches and moves to do at home, which is crucial in order to have a successful outcome. These exercises have become part of my daily routine. Olga would always stress the importance of proper form and would ensure my understanding. She is a true professional in every sense of the word, and has helped me immensely. I have expressed to my doctor how much the One-on One experience with Yoga has eliminated my need for pain medication. I have and will continue to encourage others to consider the Yoga with Olga to help improve their aches and pains. I still have chronic pain from time to time, but Olga has given me the tools to help. This was the best money I ever spent to improve my quality of living.~Linda


""As a dedicated novice yogi, I have become drawn to the practice of yoga as a therapy for an ongoing back problem. Olga was my first teacher who introduced me to the practice, and I have subsequently taken many classes with Olga as well as with a variety of instructors at several establishments. I can openly and honestly declare that Olga is the best teacher that I have encountered. Her anatomical knowledge, her gift for sequencing poses, and her attention to detail set her apart. I truly appreciate her approach, as it stems from both a physical and a spiritual basis with a focus on proper form and alignment. I am in awe of her expertise, and she is an inspiration from which to study." ~ Anna C.


"I have been studying yoga with Olga for over 2 years now. As a busy attorney, I knew I needed to start yoga to distress and to improve my health, but I could not fit it into my schedule. Studying with Olga one on one has improved my flexibility, my mood, my stress levels, and my health. I look forward to continuing my journey with Olga." ~Ria


"I have taken Olga's advanced yoga classes for 2 years and also had a few private sessions with her. Olga is the most knowledgeable and inspiring Yoga teacher I have ever had. I am certified as a teacher myself and have practiced Yoga for close to 20 years. Olga's knowledge of anatomy and many different asanas allows her to guide her students in a sequential, uplifting and spiritual practice. Olga is creative and there is always something new and challenging in her sessions. However, she also works with modifications and teaches students on many different levels. Olga also inspires me with her positive and nurturing views on how Yoga can represent and enhance a student's abilities off the mat. I am constantly inspired to be a better yogi and a better person after a session with her. I highly recommend Olga as a teacher whether you are a beginner or an advanced student or anywhere in between". ~Sylvia


"Olga is an amazing teacher! She is great at helping you take your practice to the next level while still ensuring you are safe and properly aligned and without pushing you outside of your comfort zone". ~Abby M.


"My private yoga sessions with Olga helped address some pain issues I was having. She reviewed my yoga poses and showed me how to do them properly and gave me different poses to work on at home in order to stretch the various parts of my body. These private sessions allowed me to continue playing tennis and made me aware of how to make my yoga practice better." Liz L.


"For 10 years I have practiced Iyengar yoga with Olga, so I learned to appreciate when Olga spends a lot of time discussing alignment, and the reasons behind why we do certain sequences of poses. Olga has vast knowledge in different areas, and I trust that the class is well thought out with certain goals in mind. This trust helps me to surrender my doubts and leave it in the hands of professional. I walk out every week with the tools and skills to advance in yoga practice, feel great, restored and rejuvenated. ANGELA R.


" Originally I started practicing with Olga to learn the physical benefits of yoga. Her guidance offers so much more. She is patient, focused and knowledgeable. Whether taking a private session or a group class, she is genuinely interested in each and every student! I highly recommend Olga for any level of experiencing yoga. Tony S


"Olga is a superb instructor. I went to my private session looking for help on several yoga poses. She walked me through my areas of concern. She then offered some additional help on areas I could benefit from based on her observations in class! Wonderful. Jerry A.


"Olga has played a huge part in my journey with yoga. She's helped me get deeper into my practice by going above and beyond what other yoga teachers do in class. She takes the time to really focus on alignment and linking our breath to our asanas. She also makes sure that her students are well informed on what each pose does for us on both the physical and spiritual level. Plus, her classes are just down right fun! My practice has grown on so many levels because of her classes, teaching, and guidance. I'm grateful to have had her as my teacher for the last 4 years. Amy M.


"Olga has a profound knowledge of the human body and how yoga can be used to support your body, mind and spirit. I left my one on one session with olga with a specific plan of asanas I can do at home. I also received specific suggestions for my body based on her observations of me. I have been practicing yoga with olga for many years and really appreciate her professionalism and her sense of humor which puts us all at ease. She is always creating fresh plans for each class. I always feel that Olga is always working to find new ways to be of service to her students. Amy J.


"I greatly admire Ms Campora as my yoga teacher. My one to one sessions were absolutely administered with great care to my back conditions. She did what doctor could not do with pushing all the chemicals in my body. Ms campora has transformed me to the extent that I am greatly involved in yoga and meditation and learning through inner engineering. Thank you Ms Campora for changing my thoughts and my life. I do not have right words to explain what you did. Thank you.  (Larry C.)


" Olga helped to design a practice just for my individual problems.We started promptly for a 45min.session to work my needs.Prior to my session I had provided her with an x-ray and MRI results of my back/hip area for her review.That was very helpful because she knew some of my problems before we started.She impressed me by doing her homework and having poses ready for me to try.Olga explained how to better my alignment and the best way for me to stretch without injury.I am looking forward to my next session. Rose M.


Please allow me to deliver this email as a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the 7 a.m Intermediate yoga class. This morning’s class was awesome. You took us to another level mentally and physically.  The sincere encouragement and hands on touch was noticed by all. I looked around the room as an instructor at one point and could see the overwhelming look of hunger to grow. The look of accomplishment on the faces of long time yogis. The best was Mary after you helped her do the inversion hand stand. ACCOMPLISHMENT and helping her to overcome fear... I know that feeling personally.  I also had that feeling with Kurmasana (Turtle). Never thinking my body would accomplish the movement. It happened with your encouragement. Thank you for that.  But with all the success, you get us to understand and overcome the moves that we struggle with. That is a gift that you have that is priceless. Again, this is a boutique of flowers to let you know how much you are appreciated for the hard work you do for us. ~Eric Scott


"Loved your Introduction to Yoga workshop on Sat., Sep. 26th! You're better than a chiropractor! A lot of pain between my shoulder blades was alleviated by Sat. evening! Wonderful! Thank you! I'll be coming to your class Mondays, and I'll see you at your Wednesday classes, too!" ~ Alice Johnson


I began working with Olga in 2015 when I began experiencing extreme pain and stiffness. While doctors and specialists looked to diagnose my issues, Olga began a gently and effective program to help me to remain calm in the midst of intense emotional fear and distress while softly working with my stiff body. After each session, I noticed slight but steady progress, and continue to heal and become stronger and more flexible. Olga draws on her many years of experience, training and empathy that meets me wherever and however I show up for session. I am forever grateful! ~Jacqui M.


"My healing journey with Olga started almost a year ago. At our first meeting, Olga said two things that I carry with me for the rest of my life. Firstly, Olga mentioned that while I have been receiving treatments, I was a passive participant. I have been an acupuncturist for over 10 years and had never invested the time and energy toward healing myself by active participation. Secondly, Olga would start with restorative postures. The language Olga uses has resonated well with me. These are the same concepts I use with my clients. ‘Physicians heal thyself’ was what I needed to hear.  Olga's deep knowledge of anatomy, structures and functions help me to capture the essence of the poses I was relearning.  Olga has the innate ability to meet me where I am when I walk in her studio. I know that on occasions, Olga has 'redesigned' her session so that I was able to meet my challenges at that particular moments. My session is designed for me! Ten months down the road, standing tall and erect, my aches and pains are much diminished. I find peace within. My 68 years old body does not ache anymore, my feet are firmly grounded, my neck range of motion improve, my pelvis level is more in balance. I feel young with more energy to devote to my patients and people I love". ~ Margie Siauw, Acupunturist

"Following hip replacement surgery and at the urging of my daughter, I began a series of weekly private yoga sessions with Olga to complement and enhance the physical therapy treatments my doctor prescribed. I arrived at my first session with Olga unable to drive myself, unable to easily get up from a chair, and definitely unable to sit on my yoga mat. Thanks to Olga's careful attention to every aspect of my alignment and movements and to the progressive asanas she introduced me to as she saw I was able to safely challenge myself, 12 sessions later I am (almost!) able to resume the personal yoga practice I enjoyed years ago. I cannot recommend Olga and her caring, knowledgeable approach to yoga highly enough. She has helped me get my life back again!" ~Lynn