Spinal Reset Yoga Therapy

How Spinal Reset Yoga Therapy Can Support Your Body and Decrease Pain

The body is an amazing thing- from the smallest of fibers to the large bones holding it together and making it work. When the body is not lined up as it should be, though, pain and potential injury become constant companions. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get the body out of proper alignment from the way we sit to how we lift and carry items.

And when the body gets out of alignment, daily life can become a struggle. If you have been told that your spine is out of alignment or even suspect it, you should try spinal reset yoga therapy. This is alignment-based yoga that focuses on putting things back how they go so that your body can work at its full efficiency.

Proper alignment means that your shoulders, head, ankles, spine, shoulders, knees, and hips are lined up in such a way that they each support the spine and one another. If any of these sections are out of alignment, there is more stress and strain put on the other sections, which can lead to pain and even injury. Letting it go on for too long means putting yourself through unnecessary torture.

Before looking for more drastic and more expensive options, consider trying alignment-based yoga. It is a healthier and more natural option than many other forms of treatment. Spinal reset yoga therapy focuses on putting each section of your body back into its proper place.

The yoga poses and movements are designed to stretch and strengthen your muscles- especially the back and abdominal muscles. These core muscles are responsible for a lot of the body’s movements, meaning that when they are strengthened, the rest of the body’s muscles tend to work better. Yoga is also designed to strengthen the entire body as opposed to focusing on certain sections. Additionally, it strengthens both sides of the body equally. When muscles are strengthened, they are able to hold bones and joints in place more effectively.

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