Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

The Benefits of Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

For many, practicing yoga for stress and anxiety has become their favorite way to soothe their symptoms. Even those without clinical mental struggles can benefit from practicing yoga for your mood is equally rewarding. Many who practice yoga in the morning or early report that they are able to better handle any daily stress they may feel, but how exactly does yoga improve mental health?

The basis of yoga is to bring together the body in mind, putting them in sync with one another. When the body and mind are in-sync, pain and stress are more manageable. It also tends to encourage the practitioner to make healthier choices throughout the day, which further improves overall physical and mental health.

The poses are intended to increase strength and flexibility, but can also relieve built-up tension that affects your mental energy. For instance, people who experience tension headaches generally feel more tension as if the tension just continually reproduces. Stretching the body out during yoga can relieve it instead.

Yoga also teaches one how to control their breathing and quiet the mind through meditation. As the breathing slows, the heart rate and respiration slow. Your blood pressure also lowers. All of these play a hand in calming the mind and the body, making practicing yoga for stress and anxiety an effective symptom management system. While all of these benefits tend to decrease negative feelings, the exercise of yoga itself produces endorphins- a chemical that is known for making people feel good.

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